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Christmas 2012

preparations and recipes in our families for this years Christmas

from Portland

Advent Posted on 24 Dec, 2012 00:01:01

From Portland we got this photo from Kimmie, where Max and Jacquelyn is going to pick up their big sister Kylan.


Food Posted on 23 Dec, 2012 14:37:29

Soli made kransekake (almond cake) a Norwegerian cake Inghild used to bake for Christmas

Merry Christmas

Advent Posted on 21 Dec, 2012 14:29:21

To all our friends!

Christmas tree

Surroundings Posted on 20 Dec, 2012 18:04:18

Today on Greta’s monthday, we visited Kaunas Christmas tree.
It was very cold. But not for little Greta.

Inside – Outside

Surroundings Posted on 11 Dec, 2012 11:13:26

Falk like to look out the window – and most often stand on the siderail. Here is some inside/outside pictures by Falk’s window:

Mom sneaking in on Falk looking out the window…

Oh hi Mom, come look out the window with me…

A look on the playground…

Note Falk’s snowman behind the slide – he was checking if it was still ok


Grandkids Posted on 11 Dec, 2012 10:54:25

This is yesterdays transportation home from daycare – Falk enjoyed it a lot 🙂

(The pictures are taken with the phone, so they are a bit out of focus).

Falk – playing with trains

Grandkids Posted on 10 Dec, 2012 13:05:05

Falk (2yr 10 months) like to have his picture taken – and sometimes shout for me to come and take one…

Here he is really proud of playing with the railway mom build for him.

And showing mom how he drives the train

Christmas tree – DK

Decorations Posted on 10 Dec, 2012 12:53:14

During last week the Danish Family Harrysson has bought their own tree for Christmas 🙂

Falk found decorating the tree very exiting – especially the part that involved unpacking all the interesting boxes full of Christmas stuff… But he was good at hanging the decor on the branches.

Falk loves Pingu fiercely – and he allow this to include penguins in general… So this was the most important decor for the tree – he got it as a present the 2nd of December when we had invited Anne’s family for a creative-make-your-own-xmas-decor-day (I forgot to take pictures – so you won’t see any post about it).

And here is the Christmas tree, Falk loves it.

… And so does his parents 🙂

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