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Christmas 2012

preparations and recipes in our families for this years Christmas

Christmas tree – DK

Decorations Posted on 10 Dec, 2012 12:53:14

During last week the Danish Family Harrysson has bought their own tree for Christmas 🙂

Falk found decorating the tree very exiting – especially the part that involved unpacking all the interesting boxes full of Christmas stuff… But he was good at hanging the decor on the branches.

Falk loves Pingu fiercely – and he allow this to include penguins in general… So this was the most important decor for the tree – he got it as a present the 2nd of December when we had invited Anne’s family for a creative-make-your-own-xmas-decor-day (I forgot to take pictures – so you won’t see any post about it).

And here is the Christmas tree, Falk loves it.

… And so does his parents 🙂

1st of December – DK

Decorations Posted on 10 Dec, 2012 12:36:18

On the first of December the Swedish-Danish part Family Harrysson + Annes Mom went to a Christmas tree plantation to spend a gift certificate Jonas got from his employer this year.

Jonas had decided to give the Christmas tree to Lone (Annes Mom) where we will be spending Christmas eve this year.

Here is a summary of the day:

Falk is taking the issue of of experiencing an adventurous day very seriously and literally went into the jungle of trees, just for the adventure of it.

One happy, wonderful boy

Oooooh this looks magnificent – this must belong to us!

Falk is playing a lot with the tools in the nursery (kids 1-3 yr daycare) – and loves to play with the saw – here he is instructing Dad how to saw down the tree 😉

See Mom – isn’t this really exiting?!?


Not to worry Dad – I am helping you carry it!

Falk spotted a horse – and as always when he see one, he is intent on riding on it.

Here we are sitting in the part of the barn reserved for people invited by Jonas’ employer where we were treated with æbleskiver (have no clue what this is in English), glögg, hot chockolate, and Christmas hat with goody bag inside it for the kids.

All in all – we had a great day – the weather was great – we got my Mom a beautiful tree – and for Falk this was truly a big adventure.


Decorations Posted on 02 Dec, 2012 13:45:14

Saturday 1 of Dec