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Christmas 2012

preparations and recipes in our families for this years Christmas

Christmas tree

Surroundings Posted on 20 Dec, 2012 18:04:18

Today on Greta’s monthday, we visited Kaunas Christmas tree.
It was very cold. But not for little Greta.

Inside – Outside

Surroundings Posted on 11 Dec, 2012 11:13:26

Falk like to look out the window – and most often stand on the siderail. Here is some inside/outside pictures by Falk’s window:

Mom sneaking in on Falk looking out the window…

Oh hi Mom, come look out the window with me…

A look on the playground…

Note Falk’s snowman behind the slide – he was checking if it was still ok


Surroundings Posted on 08 Dec, 2012 09:24:57

Snowy outside and snowmen inside


Surroundings Posted on 02 Dec, 2012 18:34:14

Sunset at two a’clock and 10 degrees Celsius (14 Farenheit)