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Christmas 2012

preparations and recipes in our families for this years Christmas


Grandkids Posted on 11 Dec, 2012 10:54:25

This is yesterdays transportation home from daycare – Falk enjoyed it a lot 🙂

(The pictures are taken with the phone, so they are a bit out of focus).

Falk – playing with trains

Grandkids Posted on 10 Dec, 2012 13:05:05

Falk (2yr 10 months) like to have his picture taken – and sometimes shout for me to come and take one…

Here he is really proud of playing with the railway mom build for him.

And showing mom how he drives the train


Grandkids Posted on 08 Dec, 2012 09:42:58

Falk last summer

Summer of 2012

trying grandma’s clogs


Grandkids Posted on 06 Dec, 2012 17:13:41

Born August 20, 2012